What’s the Secret Sandra Bullock, Tiger & Elin & YOU need to know? 

With divorce rates sky high and dissatisfaction levels low within so many marriages today, is there some secret to staying happily married?

YES! So says marriage expert Mort Fertel, who has the one key to a happy marriage.

During your interview with Mort, he shares how this single, deep need screams out and if left unmet, a marriage is on often on the road to ruin.

Some people search for this ‘missing ingredient’ in social settings, at work, or even on social media sites such as Facebook (see article below), but for a happy marriage, people need to cultivate and maintain this necessary nugget within their marriage.

Some of the rapid-fire topics Mort can touch on during your interview include significance of the phrase, “I love you but I’m not IN LOVE with you,” how to get your spouse to change, how to over past hurts, how to stop a divorce or avoid a separation, reversing marital depression, how to spoil an affair and how to forgive and be forgiven.

Schedule an interview with Mort Fertel so he may share with you and your audience 7 Secrets to Fixing (or saving) Your Marriage, including the one key single most important ingredient to a happy, blissful marriage.

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Mort Fertel is a world authority on the psychology of relationships and has an international reputation for saving marriages. In addition to working with couples, he teaches individuals how to single-handedly transform their marital situation.

People from all over the world schedule private tele-sessions with Mort Fertel and seek his counsel.

Mort Fertel was a featured expert on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and the Fox News Network. He is also a frequent guest on talk radio programs. His breakthrough program, Marriage Fitness, appeared in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Family Circle, Psychology Today, Ladies Home Journal, Glamour Magazine, Parent & Child Magazine, Philadelphia Inquirer, Library Journal, Women’s Health, Denver Post, Orlando Sentinel, Baltimore Sun, and Toronto Sun.

Mort’s Marriage Fitness program is endorsed by marriage counselors, therapists, relationship experts, and mental health professionals. And he has helped save thousands of marriages.

Mort Fertel graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, was the CEO of an international non-profit organization, and a former marathon runner. He lives with his wife and 5 children (including triplets!) in Baltimore, Maryland. 

HOSTS: Please let your audience know that they may receive Mort Fertel’s FREE REPORT “7 Secrets for Saving Your Marriage” at



Does traditional ‘couples counseling’ work?  Why or why not?

A New York Times article reported that close to 75% of couples who go to marriage counseling end up worse off or divorced. So “no,” marriage counseling is usually not effective. And the reason is that the process focuses on the problems in the past rather than solutions for the future. Imagine you were a soldier in Iraq trying to resume civilian life in the States. Would you want to constantly rehash the war? No. You want to concentrate on moving forward—and that’s why my Marriage Fitness program works because it gets you out of the past and helps you make a new beginning.


How do you look at a cheating spouse without wringing their neck?

You keep in mind 2 goals. Number 1: Maintain your decency. It’s bad enough that your spouse lost their decency. If you wring their neck, humiliate them in front of your kids, or have your own affair, then you lose your decency too. Don’t stoop to their level. If your spouse cheated on you, you’re needed to raise the standard of behavior in your family.

Your second goal might be to save your marriage. If you wring your spouse’s neck, they’ll be dead. And you won’t be able to save your marriage.


Could Sandra Bullock have saved her marriage? How?

Yes, she could have. She’d have to learn to forgive and he’d have to learn to rebuild the trust, and those are tall tasks, but they’re doable. Many people in the same situation have gone through my Marriage Fitness program and saved their marriage.


What about other celebrity couples?  Tiger & Elin Woods?

It’s the same for every couple that suffers from infidelity, whether they’re celebrities or not. There is a methodology for recovering from infidelity, and if you follow it, your marriage can be saved. It’s like the 12 steps program. Alcoholism is devastating to a family, but if you follow the steps you can get your life back on track.


If you aren’t talking about problems, how will you solve them?

At the core of every bad marriage is the same problem; a lack of connection between husband and wife. In search of ‘connection’ one spouse sometimes seeks out a connection outside of marriage, which is detrimental to the marriage, furthering the marital disconnect. Everything else is symptomatic of the lack of connection. If you rebuild that marital connection, you’ve solved the real problem. As someone who went through the Marriage Fitness program said, “The problems don’t get resolved, they just dissolve.” That’s the power of connecting.


Is marriage about compatibility?  If not, what is it about?

Roommates are compatible. Soul mates are connected. A great marriage has nothing to do with being compatible; it has to do with being connected. There’s nothing wrong with being compatible, but there’s nothing particularly exciting about it either. Did you ever hear your spouse say or think to yourself “I love you but I’m not in love with you.” If you want a great marriage, forget about compatibility; work on connecting!


The following article may be helpful for show prep:


Facebook a ‘tool’ for cheating spouses, some say

By the CNN Wire Staff

(CNN) — Ken Savage says that, at first, he welcomed his wife’s new interest in Facebook. She had recently recovered from a bout with depression and dependence on prescription drugs, and he thought reconnecting with old friends would help get her out of her rut. But he says he became increasingly suspicious of her social networking activity when she began hiding her computer screen when he entered the room.

Savage soon discovered his wife was using the site to meet up with an old boyfriend — an increasingly common occurrence as more and more adults join Facebook.

Savage, 38, of Lowell, Massachusetts, is the creator of, a website he started in 2009 shortly after he discovered his wife’s affair in an effort “to help others cope with someone cheating on them as well as shine light upon someone who is using Facebook to cheat.”

A recent survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that 81 percent of divorce attorneys have seen an increase in the number of cases using social networking evidence during the past five years. More than 66 percent of those attorneys said the No. 1 site most often used as evidence is Facebook with its 400 million registered users.

Another recent survey by of more than 5,000 attorneys says Facebook is mentioned in about 20 percent of divorce cases.

“As everyone continues to share more and more aspects of their lives on social networking sites, they leave themselves open to much greater examinations of both their public and private lives in these sensitive situations,” Marlene Eskind Moses, president of the AAML, said in a statement of the survey’s results.

Savage, who says he has nothing against Facebook and uses it regularly to connect with childhood friends, told HLN’s “Prime News” Wednesday that the networking site is simply “a tool for an affair.”

He says that if there is trouble within a marriage or a relationship, “the affair’s going to happen anyway,” but Facebook “makes it much easier.”

Andrew Noyes, a spokesman for Facebook, says the website is not responsible for breaking up marriages.

“It’s ludicrous to suggest that Facebook leads to divorce and we would suggest that anyone who purports to have conducted surveys about the topic also ask respondents about other popular communication channels, such as text messaging, chat sites and email, before jumping to conclusions,” Noyes said.

Stacey Kaiser, a psychotherapist and relationship expert, says she estimates Facebook plays a much larger factor in divorces.  “It’s not just your everyday affair,” Kaiser told “Prime News.” “When it comes to something like Facebook, you are reconnecting with a long-lost love. All those teenage feelings, those college feelings come back again, you feel young again, and it drives you to do something you don’t normally do.”

Savage, who is separated and living apart from his wife, says communication with your spouse is key to keeping your Facebook page as a place to network, not coordinate illicit rendezvous. “In the beginning when we first got on Facebook, we would openly talk” about shared friends’ new babies and other milestones posted on the site, Savage told HLN.  “When it got real quiet, that was the problem,” he said.

Brenda Wade, a clinical therapist whose self-proclaimed mission is to cut the divorce rate by half, says the mistake most couples make is placing priorities on material things rather than partnership.

“We need to put that energy, that time, that money into the relationship,” she told “Prime News.” “That’s where you want to feel the excitement and the rush.”

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