Every Congressman on that baseball field today could have died had it not been for people nearby with guns. (Guests: Erich Pratt, Larry Pratt, Mike Hammond)

Interview Topic: DC Shooting

Multiple guests available to interview

Every Congressman onĀ  that baseball filed could have been dead had people with guns not been nearby to respond with lethal force.

While the heroes who fired back, happened to be police officers, the fact remains that it was their guns that took out the cowardly killer, who also was a Bernie Sanders supporter and an avid Rachel Maddow fan.

Discussing this topic are Erich Pratt, Larry Pratt and John Hammond, of Gun Owners of America, the 2nd largest gun group in the USA.

Or new guest on this topic: Josh Bernstein of Association of American Citizens (AMAC). Josh also adeptly discusses any breaking political news of the day.

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