Obama’s Ban on Low-Cost Insurance Creates Monday Madness for March 27, 2017, enrolling deadline (inactive guest)

The last day to enroll in low-cost health insurance in the United States is Monday, March 27, 2017.  Obamacare had a flaw that left one low-cost insurance product available to Americans called Short Term Medical or STM.

STM only takes healthy people so the premiums are cheap, cheap, cheap, which makes STM an Obamacare killer.  Obama realized that if the healthy people get low-cost STM that leaves only the sick people for Obamacare.  The last thing the Obama Administration did was outlaw STM and the last day for enrollments is Monday 3/27/2017.

Talk Show expert interview guests Ron Greiner explains how people can exploit the final loophole in Obamacare. He, along with others, offers health reform, insurance and tax-free HSA’s even in the aftermath of the crashing and burning of Ryancare.


Suggested Interview Questions:

QUESTION 1 – How does Short Term Medical or STM insurance work?

ANSWER:  In most States Short Term Medical last for 1 year and will take the consumer until the next Open Enrollment for Individual Medical (IM) in the United States which is January, 1st of each year.  Because sick people with cancer can’t get STM the premiums are very inexpensive and the deductibles are much smaller.

QUESTION 2 – How much do people save with Short Term Medical insurance?

ANSWER:  Here is an example from Chapel Hill, North Carolina with a 30-year-old couple and 2 children.  On the Obamacare Exchange the cheapest HSA Qualifying plan is from Blue Cross and has a deductible of $5,500 per person and the premium is $1,194 a month.  People can discover the cost for Short Term Medical at DonaldTrumpHSA.com and the cost for a $2,500 deductible then 100% coverage is $318 a month.  So this family saves enough to purchase 2 new Cadillacs at DonaldTrumpHSA.com


QUESTION 3 – Is the STM coverage as good as the more expensive Blue Cross?

ANSWER:  The fine print on the Blue Cross plan says that if you go out of network with a serious illness like cancer the maximum out-of-pocket rises to $26,200 for an individual.  The network is called Duke Medicine and WakeMed, it’s a local network.  The low-cost STM insurance from DonaldTrumpHSA.com utilizes the large national Aetna Open Choice PPO network with 800,000 doctors and 6,900 hospitals coast to coast.  If your child is sick and you have to leave the state you would prefer a national network over a local one.

QUESTION 4 – Is the STM insurance this inexpensive in other states?

ANSWER:  You can see the cost in other States using the software at DonaldTrumpHSA.com   In Florida it is a bit more expensive but in other States it is less expensive than North Carolina.  STM is less expensive in Ohio, Utah and Indiana.  In Indiana the low-cost of $319 a month plummets all the way down to $252 a month.  But you have to hurry because there are just a few hours left to enroll at DonaldTrumpHSA.com


QUESTION 5 – Would this STM insurance work with President Trump’s Obamacare Replacement?

ANSWER:  Yes it would.  The legislation said the age-based tax credits could purchase any Individual Medical (IM) insurance available in the State.   The credit for this family is $9,000 and any unused credit is deposited into the family’s tax-free HSA for 1st dollar coverage of medical, vison and dental expenses.  So in North Carolina President Trump would have paid 100% of the low-cost insurance premiums and then deposit $5,172 in the family’s HSA, TAX FREE.  But, Rand Paul lost his mind and said, “NO!”

QUESTION 6 – If President Obama has an unconstitutional ban on STM insurance can President Trump reverse the ban?

ANSWER:  YES, Dr. Tom Price can whip out his pen at any time and let America have low-cost STM again.  That was Phase 2 under President Trump’s Obamacare replacement.   Rand Paul won’t be able to stop Dr. Tom Price from giving America the option of low-cost insurance with Short Term Medical.

QUESTION 7 – This is Monday Madness.  Tell us how people can enroll today for low-cost insurance.

ANSWER:  You have to hurry.  In 25 States people can self-enroll into low-cost health insurance at http://DonaldTrumpHSA.com  It is not available in all states and medical underwriting is required.


Background Information:

“John Huff, the president of the Kansas City, Missouri-based National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and three other top NAIC officers have written on behalf of members to oppose the administration’s draft regulations, which were developed by the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Employee Benefits Security Administration.”


Obama Creates Monday Madness by Outlawing Low-Cost STM

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