After years of waiting, it looks like United States citizens will finally be able to get concealed carry reciprocity enacted into law for the entire country.

Democrats are indicating that killing national concealed carry reciprocity is one of their top goals in 2017. But they are being fought every step of the way by Gun Owners of America (GOA), America’s second largest gun rights organization with over one million members.

Available to discuss this topic are Gun Owners of America spokespersons Larry Pratt and Erich Pratt

Which is why GOA needs your support in reaching several million more gun-owning activists who during your interview would like to explain their plan to deluge congressional offices in January of 2017 with a tidal wave of support favoring concealed carry reciprocity.

Thankfully, President-elect Trump has stated that he wants to sign a reciprocity bill.  And pro-gun Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) has stepped forward to meet the challenge!

There have been several versions of potential legislation floating around in the Congress for several years but the version which now appears most likely to pass is the new Hudson bill, which recognizes the right of Constitutional Carry states to benefit from this national legislation. Rep. Hudson intends on introducing his legislation in January 2017, shortly after Congress is in their new session.

CONTACT: To schedule an interview with Larry Pratt or Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America call Special Guests at: 919-800-8017.

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