What if Obama Doesn’t Leave Office?

The Doomsday Clock has just moved ahead another two minutes and there seems to be a general angst out there.  It is a feeling of despair and a sort of societal-wide anxiety as the masses clamor for their political Prozac, “The Donald,” to save the day.

Or the other choice: Hillary, who is a modern-day Queen Jezebel, the face of ancient Baal child sacrifice and the heroine and founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, originator of ‘The Negro Project,” (for exterminating the Black race), rolled up in on evil persona.

What was meant to be a coronation to lead and destroy our nation has become a political race to the finish line, or in her case a walk to the finish line, as she tries to stay afloat in the cesspool that embodies her life.

“Let’s be blunt,” said Roselli, “Behind the scenes, THEY selected Pharaoh Barry and he’s not necessarily going anywhere.  And more bluntly: What if Barry Barrack Hussein Obama simply stays in office and refuses to leave? Never before have two Presidential contenders had higher negatives. So why couldn’t young Pharaoh Barry just stay put?”

Think about it. Everyone is talking emails and scandal but nobody seems to be talking about the ghost in the White House with at least three places of birth and more names than a Manhattan phone book. In fact, he’s now enjoying some of the highest approval ratings he’s had since he first took office, before the masses knew just how much damage he was about to do. They now seem to have forgotten how toxic his Presidency was amidst the focus on the foibles of The Donald and Hellery Jezebel. Sick, indeed.

And sicker still, if Obama were to declare Martial Law or suspend elections or not honor the result of the elections, who would stop him? Who could stop him? Who has stopped any one of the myriad of unconstitutional measures he has foisted upon US already? What if time came for Hillary or Donald to move in to The White House and Barack just didn’t move? We’ve all heard of landlords who have to go to court to get deadbeast tenants evicted, but what is the process of getting a President evicted from the Oval Office? And the sickest part of all is that pro-Trumpers might ‘temporarily’ favor Obama staying in more than they’d favor Hillary being sworn in, knowing she’d likely pardon herself and all her cronies the first day she’s in office. And the pro-Jezebel crowd would certainly prefer Obama to Trump. Ouch, indeed!

Discussing this topic in detail is ROB ROSELLI, who is available to be your Talk Show interview guest.

Rob opines that while the mass liberal news media have lost all pretence of objectivity, even the great conservative hope, FIX NEWS CHANNEL, talks cheese curds and fluff and only goes so far, and is also ignoring great potential dangers on the horizon including:

Mother Russia and Red China urging their citizens to prepare for nuclear war as they dump US Treasuries like hot potatoes as Pharaoh Barry pokes the Russian Bear in the eye in Syria and in Ukraine and spends fiat Federal Reserve Notes like a drunken sailor.  The US economy is about to crash as it mathematically must, as it was originally designed to do, on the one hundred year plan, and we just passed the 1913 anniversary of the Fed so we are now in overtime.

Rob Rosellis says this election is a freak show and distraction at best as it devolves into a Jerry Springer episode rife with sexual deviants, calls for DNA tests and sexual assault victims galore.

Asks Roselli, “Who better to usher in the impending chaos than Pharaoh Barry, the son of Satan himself?  The Egyptian high priests of finance who rule the world and their Pharaoh aren’t going anywhere.  THEY have been striving for their utopian Satanic order out chaos since the Garden of Eden. by the way and THEY are not about to allow pesky nuisances like 200 million or so ticked off Americans stop their demonic plans.”

Rob added, “It’s 11:57 and Pharaoh Barry the sun of Occidental (Osiris) and Columbia (Isis) and his high priest handlers are taking us right to midnight. And instead of pressing the ejection seat from the White House, what if–just what if Pharoah Barry pressed a different button instead?”

Read all about it in “Pleased To Meet You…” by Rob Roselli, available at www.boxofsunglasses.com and at Amazon.com


FOOTNOTE: Rasmussen Reports has been one of the only reliable polling companies in recent years and they said the day day before the election that 70% of voters who support Hillary Clinton in the election say they’d rather vote for President Obama if it was a legal option.

This might be enough for Obbam to ‘move his move’ sometime between the election and the inauguration.

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