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REMEMBER THE ALAMO, REMEMBER FORT HOOD: At November 21st Event in Killeen, TX Political Correctness will be off the Table


On November 21st, the Forum For Middle Eastern Understanding will be holding a Memorial Service for the fallen at the Killeen Civic Center in Killeen, TX. The truth about what happened will be told by former Muslim terrorists, a retired Delta Force General, and others. The event's primary sponsor is the International Counter-Terrorism Officers Association (ICTOA).

The event is going to have two former Jihadists as speakers (Walid Shoebat and Kamal Saleem). In addition, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch will be there and Ret. Lt. Gen. William “Gerry” Boykin will be delivering the Keynote.

In the days after Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire at a readiness center at Fort Hood, Army Chief of Staff General George Casey expressed concern for how the American people might react to the religion of the shooter, saying:

“I think the speculation could potentially heighten backlash against some of our Muslim soldiers, and what happened at Fort Hood was a tragedy but I believe it would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty here. And it's not just about Muslims. We have a very diverse army, we have a very diverse society and that gives us all strength.”

The theme of the November 21st Memorial is, “DIVERSITY STARTS WITH THE TRUTH.”



Keith Davies is the Director of the Forum for Middle Eastern Understanding (FFMU) and the Walid Shoebat Foundation, Keith is a public speaker on the topic of terrorism, its roots and how to stop it. During his lectures he uncovers much of the sectarian teaching used to recruit an ongoing stream of terrorists. Keith has worked for six years promoting Mr. Shoebat and through his efforts promoting Walid, Kamal and other FFMU speakers, these vital messages have reached tens of millions of people based on standardized media audience ranking.

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