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AURORA SHOOTER’S PECULIAR TIMING: Rather Convenient for U.N. Arms Treaty


Just as gun rights proponents knew the senseless James Holmes rampage would, once again, stir up the gun-control argument, many also were not unaware that it conveniently occurred just prior to the Arms Trade Treaty finally being put forth for world-leader signatures at the United Nations this month.

In an article posted at The New American (see the link below), one expert even outlined a theory that Holmes didn’t act alone, but was possibly “enlisted” to carry out his violent act.

Available for interviews to comment on Holmes’ impeccable timing, so to speak, is Larry Pratt, the executive director of the Gun Owners of America (GOA), who can explain why the Treaty, the ideology behind it or, for that matter, even four more years of Obama, is a threat to the American ideal. …He states:

“The Aurora massacre (once again, in a gun-free zone) is something that those seeking citizen disarmament are using to fuel their drive to ratify the UN treaty on small arms. What disarmament proponents don't want us to know is that all but one of the mass murders in the U.S. occurred in ‘gun-free zones.’

It is undeniable that rather than protecting victims, such zones protect criminals and enable them to commit mass murder. What we need in the U.S. is legislation that says any place open to the public may not require the public to enter.

Domestic disarmament could be the likely result of a UN treaty on small arms. Our greatest concern at GOA is not Senate ratification, which will not happen, but a President Obama with four more years who could then be free to wreck havoc on gun stores and gun owners.

Although it would be illegal (but since when does the President care about the rule of law?) a second Obama administration could tell gun stores that their federal firearms license is revoked if they do not agree to remove all handguns for sale that are above caliber .380. A similar prohibition of semi-automatic rifles and shotguns could be imposed in the same way.

Let us keep in mind that four months before the Aurora massacre in the gun-free zone of the movie theater, a similar attempt at mass murder was averted in an Aurora church where an armed congregant shot and killed a wannabe mass murderer.

The assailant rammed into a car in the church parking lot and jumped out of his car fatally shooting a grandmother who was among those leaving the church. The armed congregant, who had been carrying concealed, produced his gun and killed the attacker before he could kill again.”

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Larry Pratt has been Executive Director of Gun Owners of America for 30 years. GOA is a national membership organization of 300,000 Americans dedicated to promoting their second amendment freedom to keep and bear arms.

GOA lobbies for the pro-gun position in Washington and is involved in firearm issues in the states. GOA’s work includes providing legal assistance to those involved in lawsuits with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the federal firearms law enforcement agency.

Pratt has appeared on numerous national radio and TV programs such as NBC’s Today Show, ABC’s Good Morning America, CNN’s Crossfire and Larry King Live, the Dan Abrams show and many others.

He has also debated Congressmen James Traficant, Jr. (D-OH), Charles Rangel (D-NY), Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY), Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), and Vice President Al Gore, among others.

Pratt’s columns have appeared in newspapers across the country, and he’s published a book, Armed People Victorious, in 1990, as well as edited a book, Safeguarding Liberty: The Constitution & Militias, in 1995. His latest book is On the Firing Line: Essays in the Defense of Liberty.

Pratt has held elective office in the state legislature of Virginia, serving in the House of Delegates. He directs a number of other public interest organizations and serves as the Vice-Chairman of the American Institute for Cancer Research.

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