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TUG OF WAR WITH GOD’S WORDS: Why Is the ADL Trying to Silence a Jewish Author? (Guest in EDT)


38 years ago, at a low point in his life, investigative journalist, television host and evangelical Messianic Jew, Sid Roth, was introduced to the Jesus he never knew before, triggering a remarkable personal transformation.

Since then, Roth has dedicated his life to introducing other Jews to the same powerful force that changed him—an effort that has culminated in his latest book that he has gift-wrapped and, through a fundraising effort called Project 77, begun mailing to a list of two-million American Jewish families for free.

And yet, in response, groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) are launching a counter effort to head Roth’s book off at the pass and, eventually, shut the project down.

They see the book as an affront on the Jewish faith, a “religious fraud” and a “deception” in its attempt to persuade Jews to accept Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah. Roth sees it as a truth that is impossible to deny.

It’s entitled They Thought for Themselves, and it tells the stories of 10 Jewish people who, as Roth states it, “defied the status quo and thought for themselves,” finding Jesus and “changing their lives for the better.”

As a guest on your show, Roth can elaborate further on the content, the cause and the controversy, as well as his relentlessness in the pursuit to spread the word to anyone willing to listen.

“I have no doubt there is only one God for Christians, Jews and Muslims,” says Roth, “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And I believe there is only one Messiah for Christians, Jews and Muslims—the Jew, Jesus. How can there ever be peace on earth if there is a different God and Messiah for the three great religions?"

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1. Tell us more about your book, They Thought for Themselves, and why you felt inspired to get it in the hands of millions of American Jews.
2. What exactly is your plan, and how are you finding the ability to execute it?
3. If it truly is a message of hope for Jews, why do you think the resistance to your book is so harsh and widespread in the Jewish community?
4. Tell us more about your personal transformation that led to you becoming a Messianic Jew.
5. Can you tell us about any recipient of your book who received it well, read it and responded as you had hoped? Success stories, if you will.
6. What is your basis for belief that Jesus is the Messiah?
7. What is your plan going forward? Are you going to continue your mission as it is being carried out now? Or do you plan to change your approach in any way?
8. Do you ever see a time when the larger groups, such as the ADL, might ever open their minds to your message at all? What do you think it’s going to take to get them to do that?
9. Tell us about Project 77. How does it work, and how can people in our audience support it?
10. Where can people in our audience get the book, in case they aren’t on your mailing list, or they are curious about it?
11. What’s next for Sid Roth?


As a successful stockbroker, little did Sid Roth realize that his worldly investments would give way to otherworldly experiences. Driven by an insatiable quest for supernatural powers and mysteries, Roth began to lose control of his life to forces beyond the physical realm. He left his job, and even abandoned his wife and infant daughter.

“I was into astral-projection, mind control—you name it,” Roth explains. Those inexplicable phenomena were more than his mind and body could endure. “I was terrified. I thought I was doing to die,” he recalls.

In his best-selling autobiography, There Must Be Something More!, Roth dramatically describes his supernatural rescue from the occult and the total restoration of his family. “God—the one true God—restored my mind, my family and my career,” Roth proclaims.

Today, Sid Roth is heavily invested in presenting the invisible world to the skeptic. Over the past 30-plus years, he has investigated reports of miracles, interviewed thousands of people claiming to have been declared dead, had crippled limbs instantly healed, witnessed “angels,” conversed with God, and had out-of-body experiences.

Roth has no shortage of bizarre reports to choose from. “Some of the people I hear from are simply bluffing,” he says,” and others aren’t exactly uplifting.” Those don’t get on the air. Roth’s litmus test is his gut discernment. “You won’t see ghost stories or the glorification of demons. I try to present the stories that reflect a God who wants us to draw closer to Him,” Roth says.

“Just about everyone is looking for intimacy with God. Our radio program and TV show, ‘It’s Supernatural!’ provide tools and resources to help them draw closer to God,” says Roth who founded his broadcast organization in 1977.

Although Roth makes no claims of being a miracle worker himself, he says that miraculous occurrences have been reported during his program and lectures. Says Roth, “I have personally seen the power of God heal the crippled, open deaf ears, and cause the blind to see. Cancers and tumors have been supernaturally removed, and people imprisoned by fear and depression have been set free.” His lectures have drawn large audiences in Germany, Israel and Russia.

“Who would have thought that a Jewish boy from Washington, DC would be traveling the world in search of supernatural stories?” Roth said. “Who would have imagined that our radio and TV interviews would reach a global audience?”

He believes that when Jews and Christians come together, miracles result. “When that Holy merger takes place, the resulting miracles will be greater than those recorded in the Bible,” he says.

Roth is the author of, There Must Be Something More! (Autobiography), Time is Running Short, They Thought for Themselves, and The Incomplete Church. Also, he has been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, Barry Farber and Pat Robertson, and he has been a guest on numerous radio and television programs. Sid Roth lives in Brunswick, Georgia, with Joy, his wife of 43 years.

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