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ARIZONA NOW ANSWERS TO MEXICO: 9th Circuit Hangs SB 1070 Ruling on Foreign Tantrums (Guest in MDT)


In its legal obstacle course brought on by a dubious lawsuit filed by the White House, Arizona’s high-profile immigration law, known as SB 1070, has taken another hit. After U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton ruled the law unconstitutional, it went before a three-judge panel from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

No surprise to Arizona supporters like political commentator and former Republican Colorado Congressman, Bob Beauprez, the notoriously liberal 9th Circuit upheld Bolton’s decision.

But what Beauprez found unconscionable was the basis for the 9th’s ruling, which was the fact that Mexico and so many other Central and South American countries, along with the United Nations, had voiced opposition to the law when it was originally passed.

Not yet begun to fight, and expecting a run all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer reacted, “It is outrageous that the 9th Circuit Court would grant foreign nations the de facto right to veto the duly-enacted laws of a sovereign state of the United States.”

But, as Beauprez points out, what does one expect when our own President’s response to a contingent of American citizens trying to protect themselves from illegal immigration run amok due to federal government impedance on the issue is to sue them?

“The courts are infested with activist judges who place the ‘feelings’ of other nations over the security and rights of our own citizens,” says Beauprez. “The radicals who are part of the blame-America-first crowd are destroying the fabric of our great nation and attacking our own citizens’ unalienable rights.”

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1. Was the 9th Circuit Court ruling on the appeal of Judge Bolton’s decision a surprise at all? Would you have expected them to cite the complaints of foreign nationals and non-U.S. citizens as the basis for their ruling?
2. Is SB 1070 going to the U.S. Supreme Court?
3. If so, what do you think will be the outcome?
4. How has SB 1070 changed the discourse about immigration policy in America and, separately, in Washington?
5. What is your take on how to solve the illegal immigration problem, and do SB 1070 and, if necessary, other laws like it fit into that plan?
6. Do you believe federal courts are compromised by the presence of activist judges?
7. If so, how would you propose America change that?
8. States like Missouri already have similar immigration laws, but they remain under the radar? Why do you think SB 1070 drew the lawsuit ire of the Obama administration? Is it really about the latent fertility of Democrat votes in the illegals who stand to lose under this law?
9. What is your experience regarding immigration policy from your time in Congress?
10. Would you ever consider running for office again? Why or why not?


Bob Beauprez is a former dairy farmer, community banker and member of Congress who has spent his entire life working to leave Colorado a little better than he found it.

He was born and raised on a third generation family farm in Lafayette, Colorado. Bob's grandfather emigrated from Belgium in 1907 and founded a general livestock farm specializing in draft horses. Bob's father took over the farm and developed a nationally renowned Hereford beef cattle breeding herd and transitioned to dairy cattle in the 1950s.

The daily regime of chores, fieldwork and milkings taught Bob a disciplined work ethic that would serve him well throughout his life.

After graduating from the University of Colorado in 1970, he went into partnership with his parents and brother, Mike, in the family farming operation. He managed the dairy herd, eventually marketing their cattle throughout the United States with cattle on every continent except Australia.

During that time, Bob pioneered the use of embryo transplant technology to increase the quality and marketability of the family herd. He also served eight years on the National Holstein Association Board of Directors, including five years as Chairman of the Genetic Advancement Committee. He later also became an industry spokesperson and international judge of Holstein cattle.

The dairy herd was dispersed in 1990 and Bob managed the development of the real estate for his family, eventually becoming part of a 1,500-unit residential golf course community. At the same time, Bob and his wife, Claudia, purchased controlling interest in a small community bank. As President, CEO and Chairman, Bob expanded the bank from one to 13 locations and grew its assets from $4 million to more than $400 million in twelve years.

Bob served as President of the Colorado Independent Bankers Association and was on the Board of the Independent Bankers of America.

While running the bank Bob was politically active as the chairman of the Boulder County Republican Party, and later as Colorado State GOP Chairman. He retired from the bank to run for the new 7th Congressional District in 2002, winning the nation’s closest Congressional election that year by 121 votes. After one term, in 2004, he was reelected by more than 30,000 votes.

While in Congress, Bob served on the Ways and Means, Transportation, Veterans Affairs and Small Business Committees. He was also Vice-Chairman of the Highways and Infrastructure Subcommittee and a member of the Republican Leadership Whip Team.

In 2006, he was the Republican nominee for Governor in Colorado.

Since 2007, Bob has published a monthly e-magazine called A Line of Sight (http://www.alineofsight.com/), a public policy and opinion resource on current political issues. Then, in 2009, he authored his first book: A Return to Values: A Conservative Look at His Party. He is also Vice-Chairman of The John Hancock Committee for the States (http://www.hancockcommittee.org/).

Bob married his high school sweetheart, Claudia, in 1970. They have three sons and one daughter, as well as three grandchildren. Bob and Claudia have returned to their agricultural roots recently by purchasing a ranch in the Colorado Mountains near the Wyoming border. They are developing a buffalo-breeding herd in partnership with their son, Jim. Bob continues to stay politically active, guest hosting on various radio talk shows, doing numerous media interviews nationally, and maintains a busy public speaking schedule.


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