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THE BOOK OF EXODUS, PART II: After Arab Spring, Egypt Now Seeing Christians Leave


Critics are calling it the first test for Egypt’s new Islamist government. And, so far, the government’s failing.

As Wendy Wright of Christian Freedom International (CFI) can attest, Muslim persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt has been evident for years. But the increase in violence has spiked in this past 12 months since the Mubarak dictatorship has been ousted.

Now, while the world looks on, wondering if the Muslim Brotherhood and other newly elected Muslim factions can uphold their promise to be more moderate Islamists and protectors of justice, early signs indicate to the contrary.

In fact, Egypt’s newest exodus appears to involve Christians—families that are leaving to find refuge in places like the United States (see the link below).

As a guest on your show, Wright can dig deeper into this troubling subject, discussing the likelihood of the new government getting its “moderate” act together, the implications if it doesn’t and the disturbing trend of Christian persecution that appears to be on the rise in nations all throughout North Africa and the Middle East.

“International leaders should be in awe of Egyptian Christians’ courage in protesting the injustice and violence being perpetrated against them, and insist that Egyptian authorities protect Christians from abuse,” says Wright. “As U.S. leaders are reconsidering the $1.3 billion of aid given each year to Egypt’s military, the just treatment of Christians should be an essential part of the equation.”

Call Special Guests now to book Ms. Wright on this outrageous, but widely unreported, development in the glorified Arab Spring.




1. What do you know about the violence against Christians going on in Egypt?
2. Why is it on the rise and are these accounts true that say military authorities are allowing Muslims to attack Christians?
3. What are “reconciliation meetings” and how do they work?
4. How does this bizarre and bigoted form of justice play out?
5. The Muslim Brotherhood won the most seats in parliament. What does this spell for Coptic Christians going forward? Do you expect even higher rates of violence?
6. What other regions of the world are seeing this attempt by Islamist groups to drive Christians from existence?
7. Tell us more about CFI’s Christian Winter initiative. What are the strategic goals and tactical elements of the program?
8. What Christian persecution trend concerns you most right now, and why?
9. What is the latest on the exodus of Christians from Iraq? What are the numbers at this point, and do you believe any refugees might ever return?
10. Do you have any insight regarding Christian pastor Nadarkhani in Iran or any others on death row in other nations like Pakistan?
11. Tell us about your experiences in Thailand and Burma last year.
12. Tell us more about Christian Freedom International.


Wendy Wright’s journey to follow Christ took her from Bible college, to jail, to invitations to the White House.

As a veteran pro-life advocate and former president of Concerned Women for America, she has trained grassroots activists, briefed congressional and international leaders, testified for pro-family legislation, and lobbied at the United Nations.

Her activism influenced landmark rulings on freedom of speech in the Supreme Court and several state courts. She spent 19 days in jail for declining to obey a judge’s order not to pray across the street from a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

A few years ago, Wendy also served as an interim Executive Director for the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM) in New York, and was named among “The 100 Most Powerful Women of Washington” in 2006 by Washingtonian Magazine, and one of the “Top 10 People of 2010” by Inside the Vatican magazine.

She has been published or appeared in every major news outlet, including FOXNews, CNN, PBS, NPR, The New York Times, Washington Post, World magazine, Christianity Today, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC.

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