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As the fresh smell of summer fades and the weather grows colder and people are in closer quarters indoors, a strange phenomenon occurs: We begin to notice a new change in the air and it’s called Bad breath!

If we are the offending party, we notice the cold shoulders or a step backward. If we are the effected party we have that tough decision of whether to retreat or to stay in the foul field to avoid offending the offending party.

Special Guest Dr. Harold Katz of the California Breath Clinics has been featured on 20/20, The Today Show, Good Morning America and is available to tell your audience what they need to do in order to have their fall and winter breath as fresh as springtime—and everything else they ever wanted to know about breath but were embarrassed to ask.

As a nation, we are obsessed, frightened, and embarrassed that we have bad breath. You've seen the ads before… Wait: don't kiss your date until you pop in a breath mint! Run for the mouthwash before saying "good morning," or brush your teeth with deodorizing toothpaste for cleaner breath!

Americans fork out a half billion dollars a year on products to freshen breath, but they often don’t work or don’t work for long.

Dr. Katz contends that even when someone with breath bad enough to knock you over, they still can’t tell they have bad breath. We’re talking about breath so bad a boatload of breath mints (most don’t work, by the way), toothpaste, and air freshener couldn’t even make a dent. We’ve all been there. The 'dragon' breath actually made you feel sick to your stomach, and it makes you wonder— doesn't he smell it too?

No! According Dr. Harold Katz of The California Breath Clinics, you cannot actually smell your own breath due to the way humans were originally designed. Ask Dr. Katz how your listeners can check their own breath, and discover the top ten ways to avoid bad breath!


Dr. Harold Katz, DDS, opened the first California Breath Clinic to treat patients with mild and chronic halitosis in 1994. A graduate of the UCLA School of Dentistry in 1975, and recipient of a degree in Bacteriology in 1971, Dr. Katz researched the real cause of bad breath and developed a way to eliminate it.

It started when Dr. Katz' 13 year old daughter developed chronic halitosis. Dr. Katz combined his dentistry experience and bacteriology research to discover the cause. As he discovered, the bacteria in her mouth was causing bad breath... not the food she was eating. Dr. Katz perfected a solution to the problem and within minutes of using what is now called "TheraBreath," her bad breath was gone.

Dr. Katz is a veteran radio and television guest. He has been featured on 20/20, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox After Breakfast, WOR, KFYI, WCBS and hundreds more, and his articles have appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines including the New York Times, LA Times, Harpers, Glamour and Mademoiselle.

Suggested Interview Questions and talking points...

• How did you get started on such a smelly topic, and why did you investigate the causes of bad breath?
• Isn't it natural to wake up with stale or bad breath after sleeping all night?
• Why can’t we smell our own bad breath?
• Does bad breath really create a serious problem? You just stand a little further back from the person you're speaking with, right?
• What about the notion that bad breath starts in the stomach or sinuses, isn't that true?
• What are the top 10 tips do you have for avoiding bad breath?
• Will they work for anyone, even those people with the worst breath out there!
• Can French Kissing transmit bad breath?
• What can be done about denture Odor?
• Telling a friend they have bad breath
• The one key secret you must understand in order to wipe out bad breath
• Why you can't tell if you have bad breath
• The number one mistake almost everybody makes when fighting bad breath
• Five myths which keep you from having truly fresh breath
• The truth about over-the-counter mouthwashes.
• You've developed a product called TheraBreath to eliminate both occasional and chronic bad breath, how does it work?
• How can listeners get more information about TheraBreath?
• Is it sold in stores?

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