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With corporations like Ford Motor Company hanging on for dear life, some analysts speculate that giving homosexuals lavish benefit packages may be straw that breaks Corporate America's back.

Is the homosexual lobby now so powerful that major corporations would rather cave in to gay demands than follow the wishes of their own shareholders?

Big companies like American Express, Bank of America, Ford Motor, IBM and JP Morgan Chase have gone so far as to ask the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) to keep shareholders -- their owners – from interfering with their support of pro-homosexual policies.

Against many shareholders’ wishes, corporations plan to reward the sodomy lifestyle by giving homosexuals expensive benefit packages that are one step closer to legalizing gay marriage.

Guest: Tom Strobhar is giving a clarion call for stockholders of America to just say NO! to same sex couple benefits. As President of Citizen Action, Tom will share with your audience:

* Why homosexuals should stop asking for special status at work.

* That tens of thousands of former homosexuals say this dangerous lifestyle is a choice that can and must be changed.

* Which companies are advertising in homosexual publications or giving charitable dollars to groups that openly campaign for same-sex "marriages."

* Why homosexuals are targeting corporate America.

* Why sexual orientation policies are un-American.

* Why offering domestic partner benefits are bad for current employees, retirees, the company and homosexuals and where to sign a petition urging the Securities & Exchange Commission to let the corporations' owners decide such vital issues:

ConservativePetitions.com /www.conservativepetitions.com/petitions.php?id=326

Did you know? Cohabitation, regardless of sexual orientation, is illegal in North Carolina, North Dakota and several other states.

Ford Shareholder Challenges Homosexual Policies

Thomas Strobhar, president of Citizen Action Now, today announced the filing of a shareholder resolution challenging Ford Motor Company’s hiring and benefit policies towards homosexuals. The shareholder proposing the resolution is a medical doctor from St. Louis. In the resolution the doctor expressed concern about the health risks of homosexual activity, the inappropriateness of talking about sexual interests while on the job, the fact homosexual activity has been proscribed by Jewish, Christian and Moslem religious traditions for a thousand years or more, and the societal benefits of marriage between heterosexuals.

“This resolution challenges Ford to explain their homosexual-friendly policies,” Strobhar said. While Ford has an inherent interest in hiring the most qualified people, this resolution simply asks Ford “to exclude any reference to privacy issues related to sexual interests, activities or orientation” from its equal employment opportunity policy. In a common sense analogy, it notes Ford “does not discriminate in employment against smokers, despite the fact they are not protected by any clause; however, the company does not pay them to engage in this behavior which is hazardous to themselves and others.”

Since Ford adopted pro-homosexual policies in 2000, the value of the stock has fallen approximately 70% costing shareholders over thirty billion in lost market value. This resolution comes at a time when Ford is producing record losses. To address these losses, Ford is reducing health care benefits to current workers and retirees while catering to a small segment of homosexual employees that present extraordinary health care demands.

In addition, Ford has come under much criticism recently regarding its continued advertising in homosexual publications. They recently confirmed their intent
to continue advertising in these magazines.

Strobhar said, “Ford is a business and should be run as a business. The current management, lead by Bill Ford, seems intent on being politically correct and catering to the sexual interests of a small number of employees. Meanwhile, this once prosperous company is being driven in to the ground.”

Citizen Action Now assisted with this resolution. Information on Citizen Action Now is available at: www.citizenactionnow.com


Tom Strobar is President of Citizen Action now (www.citizenactionnow.com) and author of the first shareholder resolution against child pornography, religious bigotry, fetal tissue research, abortifacient drugs and domestic partner benefits.

Strobhar is the author of numerous articles on pro-life and pro-family business matters, including the only pro-life shareholder resolutions to appear on corporate ballots in 1991 through 2005.

Strobhar has served as chairman of Life Decisions International (www.fightpp.org) and has been a Board member of the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants.

A graduate of Columbia University, Mr. Strobhar has the dubious distinction of being described in Pat Buchannan’s newsletter as “a one man wrecking crew.” Glamour magazine described him as “The Financier,” “a major Washington power player,” and a “financial whiz.”

Instrumental in changing corporate policies at American Express, AT&T, Berkshire Hathaway, General Mills, Target, and others, Strobhar has launched a new initiative: a petition challenging the pro-homosexual policies at Allstate, Ford, and Walgreens. That petition may be found at: www.conservativepetitions.com

Strobhar has been published, mentioned or quoted in the following:

American Family Association, Boston Globe, Business Ethics, Catholic Telegraph, Christian Citizen, Couple to Couple, Communique, Crisis, Crosswalk, Family News in Focus, Financial World, Fox News, Human Life International, Indiana Baptist, Life Advocate, National Catholic Register, New Republic, Personal Investing, Registered Representative, Responsive Investing News, Soul, Twin Circle, Wall Street Journal, Wanderer, Washington Newsletter, Washington Times, and World Magazine.

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