Regardless how loudly liberals scream that conservatives must not use the Mandalay Massacre to exploit their argument for self-defense, these same liberals already exploited the tragedy in calling for a ban on guns. If it weren’t for double standards, the Left might have no standards at all. They ignore the fact that even Obama’s Center for Disease Control in 2013 showed that guns were used up to 100 times more frequently to save lives than to take one.

News analyst Josh Bernstein is available to be your Talk Show interview guest on this topic.

Josh thinks Americans need to look at the Mandalay Massacre in proper perspective wherein as horrific as it was, it may be minor compared to horrific acts to come.

During your interview with Josh, he reminds your audience that ISIS claimed the Mandalay Massacre was an act of war by their soldier, a recent convert to Islam. Whether or not that is true is not as important as looking at the imminent possibility of ISIS issuing orders to their citizen soldiers already on U.S. soil to engage in more mass shootings, as well as in new types of mass murders that they view as acts of war.

With weaponized drones now the size of mosquitoes, what’s to stop ISIS from ordering 100 attacks in 100 cities simultaneously? And what if those tiny drones carried lethal payloads of anthrax or smallpox or a powerful chemical agent?

Such an attack during the Super Bowl might make the Mandalay Massacre look like a stroll through the park.

With such new realities in mind, we not only need to support the right to carry guns for self-defense, we need to also find ways to protect ourselves, our families and communities from new waves of attacks which might require having gas masks and other protective measures.



Investigative journalist/writer/political analyst Josh Bernstein can be counted on to either break stories before the mainstream media reports them, or to give deeper perspective on existing stories.

As the national spokesman for the 1.3 million-member-strong Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), Josh is well-versed in areas of political, economic and cultural matters pertaining not only to Seniors, but to the general population at large.

Josh Bernstein is one of the most sought-after TV and Radio guests in Conservative Media today. He has been called a “political savant” by some of his industry peers because of his often-encyclopedic breakdown on many of the issues we face today.

Josh promises your audience a unique and original perspective that is straightforward and unapologetic.

His “Josh Bernstein News Minutes” can be heard daily on close to 50 stations in 25 states. His online TV Show is watched by many of thousands of people weekly.

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