THE TRUMP PROPHECIES (Guests: Mark Taylor or Mary Colbert)

In November of 2016, the world witnessed the ‘impossible.’ Nearly every household in America was tuned in to the election feeds, and every update pointed to a loss for the Republican Party.

But when the map of the states flipped red in the final hour, there were a select few who weren’t surprised. They had always known Trump was going to win. He was chosen “for such a time as this.” The prophecy had said so.

This prophet, this reserved man of God, was retired firefighter Mark Taylor. The word given by the Holy Spirit was delivered on April 28, 2011 in the middle of the most debilitating sickness.

When the prophecy later fell into the hands of New York Times bestsellers Don and Mary Colbert, God used this new team of passionate individuals to lead the nation into a fervent prayer chain that would accomplish one of the most incredible miracles our country has ever seen.

But Trump’s victory was only the beginning…

What is coming next for the most powerful nation on earth today? Mark Taylor has more to say.

In the new book, “THE TRUMP PROPHECIES,” readers will discover:

  • How Our Creator can and will use anyone—regardless of education, background, or health—to communicate His message to His people.
  • What led to the miracle of the 2016 election, the role of “we the people” for the will of God in the future, and what His people need to do to keep His blessing on our nation
  • How the enemy has utilized techniques of distraction to keep the Body’s focus off God and onto internal, demoralizing disputes—and how this can be overcome
  • Astounding, world-altering changes in our US government Mark sees on the horizon
  • The positive message of hope and encouragement that points to fresh methods of sharing the truth to the world.



Lt. Mark Taylor, a 3rd generation firefighter, retired after 20 years of service with the Orlando Fire Department. He served Orlando’s busiest Engine and Truck companies, as well as Haz Mat, High Angle, Trench Rescue and more.

Lt. Taylor for most of his career, was an instructor on Engine and Truck Company Ops, Roof Ops, RIT and lead instructor for Auto Extrication at the Orlando Fire Conference for 6 years.

He still instructs as an expert on victim extractions using his invention the SORD, it’s operation and benefits.

In 2011, he received the now famous revelation from God that Donald Trump would become president. His new book, “The Trump Prophecies,” contains the balance of his predictions, written down in 2011, and shared at that time with Mary Colbert various ministries.



Mary Colbert is a well-known evangelical minister, coauthor of the New York Times Best Selling book “Seven Pillars of Health,” and author of the humorous “13 Women Men should never Marry”.

She speaks in women’s conferences and Churches and has appeared in numerous major media outlets.

Mary is also the co-owner of the World-wide nutrition company “Divine Health,” along with her husband Donald Colbert, M.D. and son Kyle Colbert.

She has two sons and 7 grandchildren and has a dual residency in Orlando Florida and Ft. Worth Texas, where her husband practices medicine in two offices.

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