Guest: Josh Bernstein available from Phoenix

  1. James Comey admitted that he was a leaker of intelligence to the press! He has self incriminated himself and clearly is GUILTY of US Code 18 798 “leaking intelligence information”. Will he be brought up on charges? President Trump’s attorney has filed a lawsuit against Comey for this very matter so we will see what happens.
  2. Comey testified that The New York Times story about Russia was FALSE.
  3. Comey testified that President Trump was never under investigation, stating that the President asked him on at least three different occasions.
  4. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch pressured Comey in regards to the Hillary Clinton email scandal. She insisted that Comey use the Clinton campaign’s “talking points” whereby to not call it an “investigation” and instead call it a “matter.” Loretta Lynch is GUILTY of US Code 18 1510 aka “Obstruction of Justice.” Will she be held accountable? Miraculously Senator Dianne Feinstein a liberal Democrat has called for an investigation into the matter.
  5. The left’s political witch hunt came up empty and has made them look even more petty and foolish in the eyes of millions of Americans.
  6. Just for fun and a Bonus. What on earth is wrong with John McCain? He called James Comey “President Comey? and seemed very flustered and confused. The state of Arizona Republican Party, who has once previously censured McCain should demand a competency test to see if he is still mentally fit to serve in the US Senate.

The first round definitely belonged to President Trump. We’ll see what happens as this investigation moves forward under special prosecutor Mueller.

TV Talk Show Host, Political Analyst, Commentator and National Spokesman Josh Bernstein is one of the most sought after TV and Radio guests in Conservative Media today. He has been called a “political savant” by many of his industry peers because of his often encyclopedic breakdown on many of the issues we face. Josh promises your audience a unique and original perspective that is straightforward and unapologetic. He is the National Spokesman for The Association of Mature American Citizens and their 1.3 million members. His “Josh Bernstein News Minutes” can be heard daily on close to 50 stations in 25 states. His TV Show is watched by thousands of people each week and features a different top level guest.

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