Donald Trump Close to Cutting Deal with Dems on DACA (Guest Josh Bernstein is in Mountain Time)

Donald Trump Close to Cutting Deal with Dems on DACA

President Trump is reportedly close to cutting a deal with Democrats on DACE to allow Dreamers to stay in the United States.

And as for the Wall? The President is saying for now he is focusing on refurbishing existing walls and fences and that the new Wall can wait until later, pending review of multiple versions of it.

Is Donald Trump just buying time to finalize something with Democrats? Or is he kicking the can down the road and might not even begin, no less finish, building the new Wall?

Discussing this matter is political analyst Josh Bernstein.

Suggested Interview Questions on this topic:

1. Morally and politically speaking, what is the difference between a Dreamer who is likely to be allowed to stay in the U.S. and an older non-Dreamer who may be told to leave the country?

2. Do you feel President Trump is flip-flopping on his campaign pledge to send back illegals?

3. Do you think The President is only temporarily hedging on starting construction of a new Wall as part of negotiations with Democrats or is he quietly killing the concept of building a new Wall?

4. You represent AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, the second largest seniors group. Where do the majority of your senior members stand on granting legal status to younger illegal immigrants?

5. Ultimately do you think Trump’s dealing with Democrats will prove successful or will it end up backfiring?

6. Where may people get more information on AMAC and seniors issues?

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