Appellate Court ruling expected shortly on President Trump’s revised Travel Ban (Guest: Andrew Schatkin)

Andrew Schatkin is a brainiac businessman, educational consultant, author of four books, a teacher with a JD Degree with international certificates from Holland and France. Andrew is about to opine on whether or not President Trump’s Revised Travel Ban is legal. While America waits with baited breath in anticipation of how the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Seattle will rule, Andrew, save us some time here and tell us what is likely to happen and why.


Question #1: Do you feel President Trump’s revised travel ban is legal and passes constitutional muster?

Answer: Yes, it is both legal and constitutional.


Question #2: Some people say President Trump is racist and merely targeting Muslims with travel bans that emanate from largely Muslim nations. Do you share that sentiment?

Answer: President Trump is charged with protecting our country. It’s written in his job description in the U.S. Constitution by our founding fathers.  So he has every right to target Muslim terrorists. The 7 nations targeted by the travel ban are the among the largest sponsors of terrorism in the world.


Question #3: How do you predict the Applegate Court will rule this time?

Answer: They likely will rule against the revised travel ban.


Question #4: If the 9th Circuit rules against President Trump, what is the process for having it heard by The U.S. Supreme Court?

Answer: A Petition for Certiorari would be filed and the Supreme Court would then choose to accept or reject hearing the case. If they reject, it’s over and the lower court rulings stand. If they accept, it’s a just a matter of months for their ruling.


Question #5: And if it does go that far, how would you project the high court might rule?

Answer: They should and likely will uphold President Trump’s revised travel ban.


Question #6: Anything we may have missed that you’d like to add?


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