Ransomware ramp-up just beginning (Guest: Bennet Kelley)

Intro: Cyber Security expert, attorney, author Bennet Kelley of The Internet Law Center is our guest to discuss the ransomware attack that shook the world on Friday, May 12, 2017.


  1. How widespread is ransomware?

Answer: It is a growing problem – up 6,000% last year.  It can be found in 40 percent of spam messages. Seventy percent of business victims paid to get their data unlocked.  Half paid more than $10,000 and one-fifth paid more than $40,000.  While the FBI recommends not paying the hackers, hospitals and even police departments are among those who paid.


2. What was different this time? Haven’t similar attacks been largely small scale?

Answer: The reach of the attack was unprecedented that the most widespread attack ever. This ransomware, called “WannaCry,” locked thousands of computers in more than 150 countries.  It hit more than 300,000 computers.  The impact was felt mostly outside the US.


3. What was unique about Friday’s the May 12 outbreak?

Answer: What was also unique was the origin.  According to Microsoft, the exploits used in the attack were stolen from the NSA.  It was the cyber equivalent of having hackers stealing Tomahawk missiles. It reveals the dangerous aspect of cyber weapons.  Unlike missiles or bombs which explode and are obliterated, cyber weapons once found can be reused.



4. Is it over?

Answer: No, similar attacks are expected.


5. What can we do to protect ourselves from future attacks?

Answer: Have robust virus protection, update all of your software and backup, backup, backup. Be smart about unknown attachments and links.


6. Where may our viewers learn more about protecting themselves or about your services?

Answer: InternetLawCenter.com


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