Why are People Always Picking on Trump? (Guest: Josh Bernstein)

No President in history has met this much opposition. President Trump is fighting Democrats, Republicans, Liberal Organizations, Paid Protesters, Globalists, Intelligence leakers, and former Obama administration officials and yet he is still standing.

The Russian Investigation is a ruse. The Russians did not interfere with the election the CIA and the Obama Administration did. In fact, two high level Democrats even went on National Television and ADMITTED as such. If there is going to be an investigation into any politician’s ties to the Kremlin the focus should be on Hillary Clinton instead. Let’s investigate Uranium One, Rosatom, and Bill Clinton’s million dollar speeches? Let’s investigate Senior Democrats in Congress like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Dianne Feinstein? This is where the REAL investigation should be taking place.

Available to be your Talk Show interview guest on this topic is Josh Bernstein, a Political Analyst, Commentator and National Spokesman for AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens) and their 1.3 million members.

Here are at least 12 instances Josh gives whereby either The Obama Administration or the Intelligence Community were involved in wiretapping, spying, or collecting information on Donald Trump. I can elaborate in more detail on the air.

1. FBI Dir James Comey testified there was no interference.
2. Former Attorney Gen Michael Mukasey is on record saying that “some wiretapping has occurred.”
3. President Trump’s tweet saying he has evidence of wiretapping (although he has not publicly come forward with it yet)
4. Loretta Lynch requested 2 wiretaps on Donald Trump. (June 2016 denied Oct 2016 granted)
5. Former MI6 spy Christopher Steel planted stories and spied on Trump.
6. Project Dragnet
7. Project Umbrage
8. Project Hammer
9. Loretta Lynch changed the NSA data collecting rules before Obama left office
10. Intel Chairman Devin Nunes press conference inferring that spying had occurred.
11. Former Deputy Asst Sec of Defense Dr. Evelyn Farkas admission on TV
12. Former Clinton Campaign supporter and Democratic Operative Mary Anne Marsh’s admission on TV.
13. Multiple Sources confirm Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice is the person responsible for unmasking Donald Trump

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