Why the LGBT Community would be wise to Arm Themselves and to Support Donald Trump (Guest: Josh Bernstein)

Political pundit and spokesman for AMAC (Association for Mature American Citizens) JOSH BERNSTEIN is available for Talk Show interviews on the topic of recent reports that the mass shooter of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando was gay and that members of the LGBT community should carry guns to prevent future mass murder attempts.

Some of the aspects of the shooting Josh comments on include:

  • The FBI was notified 5 weeks prior by a Lotus Gunworks employee who contacted them when Omar Mateen asked to buy body armor and bulk ammunition.
  • The shooter also called 9-11 and pledged his allegiance to ISIS and was shouting “Allah Akbar” while committing his crime.
  • Despite this, Obama administration U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said, “We may never know the intention of the shooter.” Josh asks, “Is she delusional? This administration will never keep us safe and that includes members of the gay community.”

Even though Loretta Lynch prefers to keep her head in the sand, some who include themselves under the banner of LGBT have begun popularizing the hashtag #shootback hashtag and gun sales have skyrocketed in the LGBT community since the shooting.

Josh Bernstein maintains that Lesbians, homosexuals, bisexutals and transgendered persons should indeed arm themselves and to support Donald Trump since Hillary Clinton is a huge gun control proponent and would not protect the LGBT community or U.S. citizens at large.

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