WHERE’S PROOF TRUMP’S PHONE WAS BUGGED? Could Trump Tower Gate be BIGGER than Watergate? (Guest: Josh Bernstein)

“President Trump is a smart man. You don’t run a successful multibillion dollar Global Enterprise by being stupid. So when the President took to social media to accuse the former President of wiretapping Trump Towers before the election he knows that is a serious charge. One no one would make without undeniable evidence.”

That’s according to Josh Bernstein, popular political analyst, commentator and national spokesman for AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens), the second largest U.S. seniors’ organization with1.3 million members.

Josh, who is available to be your interview guest, added, “Here is what we know:

President Obama directed his Justice Department (Loretta Lynch) to request a FISA Court to allow the NSA to spy on Candidate Trump in June of 2016. This request was denied.

In October of 2016, a month before the election the same request was put forth and this time it was approved.

In early January of 2017 outgoing Attorney General Loretta Lynch and outgoing Director of Nat’l Intelligence James Clapper at the behest of the outgoing President created new rules that let the NSA share intelligence information with 16 other agencies including the CIA, FBI, and DEA.

Within days of these new rules being implemented, phone calls between the Russian Ambassador and National Security Adviser Michael Flynn were leak to the press.

President Trump is requesting a FULL Congressional investigation while FBI Director James Comey is trying to prevent it.

President Trump met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his inner circle for over 4 hours this weekend and have come to the conclusion that there is enough evidence to indict former President Barack Obama and many of his administration officials although they have not said so publicly yet.

With Obama’s verified history of previously wiretapping his perceived political enemies (James Rosen, The Associated Press, Angela Merkel, The American People thru the secretive PRISM program, etc.) President Trump and his Justice Department in addition to upcoming investigations by Congressional Republicans will reveal what millions of Americans have known for quite some time. Our Government is the most corrupt it has ever been and the 5th Estate is alive and well inside Washington.

What will the investigations uncover?

Will they completely exonerate President Trump and his administration?

Will the investigations lead to prosecutions and indictments of Barack Obama, his former Cabinet members, and Administration officials?

Will this investigation open up further investigations into key Democratic Party Officials who now deny any involvement?

Will President Trump finally get the message and completely purge all former Obama leftovers serving in his administration?”

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