Josh Bernstein, spokesman for AMAC, is available to be interviewed on his statement below.

President Trump has been depicted in the media as a dictator, a tyrant, the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler. His continuous battle with the press is something that many Americans feel nervous about and proud at the same time. However in his joint session to Congress he exposed the media lies about him even further by being passionate, caring, humble, and positive. He spoke the truth about crime and violence in the inner cities. He spoke about education being the civil rights moment of our time. He spoke about giving the victims of illegal alien crime a “VOICE”.

And he spoke about how we must all stop “thinking small” and instead be daring, be courageous, and above all be unified. Liberal pundits and Republican pundits both had to admit this was one of the best speeches President Trump has ever given. But the difference between his speech and many other past Presidents before him is that his is not just words. He will implement the change he promised with or without the help of Congress. America finally elected a true leader and will be very happy with the results.



Josh Bernstein is the National Spokesman for The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) and their 1.3 million members.


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