TRUMP’S REVISED TRAVEL BAN ORDER Defended by Former Israel Mayor of Shiloh Settlements (Guest available mainly for national television only; special permission needed for radio shows)

David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh, Israel settlements, is defending President Trump’s revised travel ban order as a sensible and prudent way to cut deter terrorism.  Mayor Rubin knows terrorism up front and personal as he was the target of a terror attack that left him injured and put his 3-year-old son in critical condition. David is founder and President of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, established to heal the trauma of terror.

Talking Points:

  • “President Trump has every right to impose travel bans to countries known to export terrorists. As chief executive, it is his duty to protect the citizens of the country that elected him.”
  • “The only mistake in Trump’s “Sweden Misstatement” was the word “yesterday”. Major cities in Sweden, such as the Southern port city, Malmo have turned in the span of 25 years from a friendly, easy-going fun-loving environment to a Muslim–dominated nightmare.
  • “The ‘We Are All Immigrants’ rallies were a ridiculous display of hypocrisy by leftists who don’t respect legal immigration. I was especially amused by the ‘I, too, am a Muslim’ signs. What does that mean? Do they adhere to Islamic beliefs? Do they support Jihad, holy war against the unbelievers, as all devout Muslims do? Do they support wife-beating? Do they support polygamy?”
  • “In Israel, the big topic in the governing coalition isn’t one state or two states. After 40 years of banging our land for peace heads against the wall, and receiving only terrorism and war, the Palestinian state idea is already dead. The main question is how much Israeli sovereignty should be applied to Judea and Samaria (the so-called West Bank) and when to apply it.”
  • “First Lady Melania Trump’s public prayer at the rally in Orlando was a great blessing for America, and her sharp Slovenian accent was a great blessing for legal immigration.”

CONTACT: David Rubin is a resident of Israel but in NYC Feb. 21-22 or by  Skype, or phone. Special Guests, Inc. 919-437-0001

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