President Trump Excoriates the News Media (Guest: Josh Bernstein)

Interview opportunity with political analyst Josh Bernstein, spokesman for AMAC, the nation’s second largest seniors group, on his statement as follows:

“President Donald Trump gave the most intense, humorous, and blatantly truthful press conference that excoriated the media in a way they have never experienced before. The press still can’t understand who this political anomaly is. They constantly fall into his traps and like a bear caught in the trap they can’t get out and eventually succumb. Washington has never seen a political tornado quite like President Trump and its swamp inhabitants are being drained away into oblivion. The President is fair, honest, raw, emotional, defensive, offensive, and every other position in between.” –Josh Bernstein

Interview Questions:

  1. You have been quoted as saying the mainstream news media needs to wake up and realize they are as insignificant as dial up internet service. Did you really say such a mean spirited thing? If so, from whom might you have been taking lessons?
  2. Another question attributed to you is, “When will the press realize that President Trump serves the American People and not them?” What is your answer to that question?
  3. You also asked when will the press realize they can’t dictate, control, or trap the President? Or perhaps that was a rhetorical question.
  4. And finally, you have said, President Trump lives in the “real” world. He does not live in the fantasy bubble that is Washington, DC. Let’s hope the President stays that way. Do you think he will?

Link to video, “What President Trump is about to do Next,” by Josh Bernstein:

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