President Trump has been a boon to the conservative Seniors Group AMAC, the Association for Mature American Citizens, whose spokesman Josh Bernstein has been and early and vocal advocate of then candidate Trump and now President.

What was it like being an early Trump cheerleader and going on record early and often that Trump would win? Did people take you at face value or question your sanity?

What traits did you see in then candidate Trump and/or positions that made you believe he would win?

Tell us about AMAC. It’s the second largest Seniors organization in the United States and what makes it different than AARP?

How has President Trump, a senior citizen himself, been a boon to AMAC and to seniors in general?

What’s next for the Republican “Never Trump” holdouts? Are there any of them left and do you know any of them?

How will entrepreneurial completion of Trump’s new cabinet fare for America?

What do you want to see President Trump do for Seniors in the future?

How may people learn more about AMAC and how much money is a membership and what does it offer?


Political Analyst, Commentator and National Spokesman Josh Bernstein offers your audience a unique perspective that is straightforward and unapologetic. He is the National Spokesman for The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) and their 1.3 million members.

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