President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch (Guest: Josh Bernstein)

“Neil Gorsuch is a measured brilliant legal mind who will fill the enormous shoes of the great Antonin Scalia.”

Such are the words of political analyst Josh Bernstein, national spokesman for AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens) and their 1.3 million members.

Josh added, “President Trump has not only kept his promise to the American people but he has also created a permanent requirement for all future Republican Presidential nominees to follow–a list of potential Supreme Court justices that if elected they would pick from for a nominee to the highest court in the land thereby almost assuring the Conservative base that the likelihood of a David Souter would be a thing of the past.”


Suggested Question:

How will Neil Gorsuch interpret cases?

Will he apply the Constitution to any and all potential cases?

Will he be more reminiscent of Antonin Scalia or Samuel Alito?

Is there a chance he could become another Anthony Kennedy or John Roberts?

Will the Democrats in the Senate filibuster this nominee or will they eventually cave in?

Will The Senate Republicans have to resort to the “nuclear option” in order to get Judge Gorsuch confirmed?


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