New Trump book, BIG AGENDA, hits #1 on Amazon, fueled by Inaugural Protests (Guest not currently being booked by Special Guests; go through David’s other booking company)

Trump Protests by Left-wing Activists help boost book sales for Trump BIG AGENDA book by David Horowitz, hitting #1 on Amazon on first day of release/Jan. 17, 2017, in the category of Conservatism & Liberalism, and #37 in just a matter of hours for overall book sales of all categories of all of the millions of books sold by Amazon.

It’s no secret the liberal leftist elite (including writers and NY/Hollywood media moguls and actors/entertainers) are decidedly anti-trump and feel Trump threatens artistic freedom and freedom of expression.

But their activism just fed more fuel to ever growing Trump populism.

David Horowitz is a self-described “red diaper baby” and one of the founders of the New Left Movement of the 1960s. David Horowitz knows the leftist mindset better than anyone. But today is a Trump conservative!

Suggested Interview Questions:

How have liberals been so successful driving ant-Trump protests?

Do liberals have a “fatal flaw” that Trump and his supporters can use to win hearts and minds in order to bring country together under Trump?

Trump supporters love Trump’s “say it like it is/anti-political correctness” – why do liberals not see Trump speech as free speech and how can Trump counter this perception?

Many free speech issues start on-campus – typically the hotbed of left-wing progressive protest – you have a chapter on ending leftist indoctrination in schools. In order to unite the country, how can Trump address roots of polarization?

What do you predict President Trump will do his first day in office? Same question for first 100 days. And how will his early actions compare to those of President Reagan?

Where may our viewers get a copy of your book, “Big Agenda”?
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