Are Angels Real? (Guest: Bruce Van Natta)

Talk Show Interview Guest Bruce Van Natta is available on this topic:

During the Christmas season we often hear about the angels who supposedly announced the birth of Yeshua, a.k.a. Jesus. We see statues and figurines of angels in nativity scenes that are brought out year after year. We are invited to watch children’s programs where inevitably some youngster is dressed up in a white sheet and has wings fastened to his back, but is there any truth to this angel story?

Bruce Van Natta believes there is and he says he has proof. On a snowy day some years ago he was crushed in half when a huge logging truck fell off of a jack and landed on top of his body, crushing him and nearly slicing him into two pieces. Because of the 5 major arteries that were severed he bled out under the truck and his heart stopped at which point he had an out of body experience. He then saw the two huge angels that had been sent to help him.

Doctors claim he is the only person in the world known to have lived after having 5 arteries severed and they can’t explain why. Bruce says he knows why and is willing to tell anyone willing to listen. This season hear a story that inspires and gives hope that just maybe those angel stories of old are real!

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