Electoral College Has Voted: Now what?

Now that the 538 electors of the Electoral College have cast their votes and made it official that Donald Trump will become the 45th President of The United States of America, what will the liberal media and the Democrats do next?

Discussing this topic is Josh Bernstein, spokesman for AMAC (Association for Mature American Citizens), who comments on the following talking points:

What was with that lone dissenting elector who claimed he was a 911 first-responders in DC when he didn’t even get hired until a month after the 911 attacks?

Why is it that thousands of people protesting were unable to move the electors to change their votes, despite incredible intimidation and threats against electors who refused to defect?

What are the legal options for the 538 electors and is this a system that should be maintained in the future?

What’s next for the Democrat Party?

What’s next for the Republican “Never Trumpers”?

How will entrepreneurial complexion of Trump’s new cabinet fare for America?

What kind of executive orders might we see Trump when he is in office?

Which campaign promises do you feel Trump is likely to keep or break?

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