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A Muslim man wielding a butcher knife at Ohio State University had free reign to stab anyone he wanted at Ohio State since that university is a gun-free zone.

Available for Talk Show interviews on this topic Erich Pratt or Larry Pratt or Michael Hammond of Gun Owners of America who say universities should change their policies to allow staff to shoot back to protect students. That way a potential mass murder could be alleviated but simply pointing a gun at a knife holder. If that knife holder were to refuse to remain restrained at the point of a gun and insists on lunging at innocent students or staff, he could quickly be stopped with a single bullet, thus eliminating or at least mitigating injuries. Who could argue with such logic?

Larry Pratt stated, “The Second Amendment guarantees that all citizens have the right to keep and bear arms, without that right being infringed and that includes college students. This is gun control’s legacy: Restrictive laws do not disarm criminals. It only makes it harder for honest citizens to defend themselves.”

Gun Owners of America reminds US: A right delayed in a right denied.

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