Guaranteed victory for Donald Trump if he follows 5 easy steps (says Guest Josh Bernstein)

Political Analyst Josh Bernstein says he can guarantee a victory for Donald Trump if he follows 5 easy steps.

Said Josh Bernstein, “With the release of Corey Lewandowski as Donald Trump’s campaign manager and the hiring of 4 new associates I thought what else could The Donald do to increase his chances against Hillary Clinton in November? This has been an unconventional primary won by an unconventional nominee who will hopefully win an unconventional General Election. There are 5 things Donald Trump MUST do in order to separate himself from the felon in waiting #crookedhillary Clinton and demolish her chances in November.”

“If the Trump Campaign follows these 5 easy steps I predict they will be up over Hillary by 20 points before August 1st and if they WISELY choose the 5th suggestion I can guarantee them victory in November. Please watch my short video to find out what the campaign must do.”

Josh Bernstein is a spokesman for the Association for Mature American Citizens (AMAC) and is available for Talk Show interviews.

Link to Josh Bernstein’s video titled, “5-Steps to Victory for Donald Trump”:

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