Could non-voting Amish win the Election for Trump?

Could non-voting Amish win the Election for Trump?

There are approximately 270,000 Amish Americans. 68,000 of them live in Pennsylvania and 69,000 of them live in Ohio. 50,000 of them live in Indiana. The rest of them live sporadically among the rest of the states. The Amish do not typically engage.

In an interview with political expert Josh Bernstein, your audience will learn that in modern day politics, these are different times, even for the Amish. The last time the Amish supported a candidate for President was Williams Jennings Bryant in 1896 and he was a Democrat! Since then when the few Amish who have voted overwhelmingly voted Republican. 

 If the majority of Amish men and women of voting age exercise their right to vote and pull the lever for Donald Trump that will be approximately 20-25,000 additional votes in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana and could be the difference in a time race.

The question for this highly unusual election is this: Will the normally non-voting Amish turn out to vote?



Josh Bernstein is a political expert, author and speaker. He has a Phoenix-based Talk Show and is a frequent guest on other national talk shows.


CONTACT: Interview requests: 630-848-0750, Samantha Mills or Rachel Wade.

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