TRUMP AS HITLER? No, Hitler was an American Liberal…

The following is a Talk Show topic with interview guest Rob Roselli who wrote the following not-so-subtle critique of Hillary Clinton and the Left in general:

The latest meme of the psychopathic shout-you-down losers and hooligans of the Pharaoh Barry and Queen Jezebel Hillary Left is that Trump is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler! These little toadies with their frog-like pie holes should really learn some basic history.  Hitler was Hitler and he was an Ivy League Anglo-American liberal unfettered by minor inconveniences like the U.S.  Constitution (when it used to hold some sway).

This isn’t an endorsement of Donald Trump.  In fact, in my humble opinion the Donald is merely a speed bump on in front of the 18 wheeler of the elites as they barrel down America’s Highway to Hell.

But I digress.

Let’s make some comparisons:

Let’s start with the basics. “Nazi” translates into English as “National Socialism”. Enough said.

As with Queen Jezebel today, Hitler was a devout believer in state control of:

– industry

-the economy



-health care


Sound familiar? And for those keeping score, this basically encompasses life itself. Hence their title “National Socialism”.

  • Endless war. The descendants of Nazi-sympathizing Brown Brothers Harriman stalwart Prescott Bush were bush leaguers, pun intended, compared to the Nobel Peace Prize winning image of the beast known as Pharaoh Barry and his sidekick, former Secretary of State Queen Jezebel. Pharaoh and Queen will carry on the endless wars of their Rothschild/Rockefeller Egyptian high priest handlers just like Hitler and Queen Jezebel favorite, the Progressive Woodrow Wilson who gave us the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and the “Great” War.
  • Nature worship. Hitler and his occult minded Nazis venerated the nature god Pan. This is not unlike the modern day genocidal maniacs in the environmental movement who use the thin veneer of global warming/global cooling/climate change to hide what they really are: a conglomeration of Rockefeller/UN backed losers that is little more than a psychopathic death cult.
  • Eugenics/abortion. Charles Darwin had nothing to say about legitimate science but he had a hell of a lot, pun intended, to say about the superiority of the white race over the world’s “savages”. This mode of thought gave us “The Preservation of the Favored Races in the Struggle for Life” mentality which included an imprisoned black man in the Bronx Zoo as proof of evolution, eugenics, Adolf Hitler and Margaret Sanger’s American Birth Control League whose stated goal was to eliminate “the negro” and other “morons”, “misfits”, “human weeds” and “imbeciles”. Today we know this latter group as Planned Parenthood.  And yes Queen Jezebel gladly accepted the Margaret Sanger Award in 2009 and Pharaoh Barry, our first black president so-called, voted AGAINST something called the Born Alive Infant Abortion Protection Act to be sure babies could be left to die in rare cases where abortions weren’t performed on time and children were miraculously born alive.
  • Brownshirts/SS. The useful idiots in the Soros-funded thug groups of modern day Brownshirts including Black Lives Matter and will outlive their usefulness. And, as with Hitler’s Brownshirts, when the time comes the real thugs in the Department of Hussein’s State Security (DHSS) will move in and crack some skulls.  The last thing would be despots like Pharaoh Barry and Queen Jezebel want is a bunch of street level thug revolutionaries running around with no revolution to fight.

In summary, Hitler and Queen Jezebel are the same face representing what I call “The UN-American Genocidal Complex” (book by that name available on  The “Complex” is so vast it’s really Biblical in nature but that’s a story for another day.



Rob Roselli was born and raised in NJ where he currently lives.

Rob Graduated from Vanderbilt Univ. ’91 with BS in Civil Engineering, and an MS in Civil Engineering ’97 from NJ Institute of Technology.

A licensed Professional Engineer in 3 states, Rob is currently employed as a civil engineer.  Roselli is the author of 3 books, “THEorY of LIVEvolution: “Great” Society of the UN-Dead”, “The Un-American Genocidal Complex” and “Pleased To Meet You”.

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