Hello I’m Pharaoh Barry and I am PLEASED TO MEET YOU

The following is written by author/researcher Rob Roselli, who is available to interview on this topic.


Hello I’m Pharaoh Barry and I am PLEASED TO MEET YOU…

Robert Roselli





A recent article claims Obama was (is?) using a pseudonym in email communications with Queen Jezebel. Obama has multiple places of birth and more names than a Manhattan phone book.  So my contention is that ANYone that tries to name the image known as Obama is using a pseudonym.  Multiple lawsuits across the former nation known as America have attempted to get Obama to release any records related to his background.  Then there’s the non-existent college transcripts, the suspect birth certificate, the fraudulent Social Security Number, the shady Selective Service card ad nausea.  You heard it here first: my contention is that there’s NOTHING of any sort in this guy’s background.  It’s as empty as Geraldo Rivera’s Mafia treasure cave carried on live TV several years back.

Therefore, I’d be perfectly happy if we can just get his name correct.  Here are some of my best guesses:

-Barack Obama

-Barack Hussein Obama

-Barry Soetoro


-Great Architect of the Universe

-Hierarch of the Aquarian Age





-Hermes Thrice Great

-Robert Christian

-Le Comte de Saint Germain

-Christian Rose Cross

-The Anointed One

-The Great One

-Master M

-Leeland Gaunt of Steven King’s Needful Things

-Pharaoh Barry


Let’s try this: the leader of the New Testament nation of MYSTERY, BABYLON USA can best be known as Pharaoh Barry and his elite finance Rothschild Rockefeller et. al handlers can then be aptly called our very own Egyptian high priests.

Riddle me this:

I am everywhere yet I am nowhere.  I don’t exist yet I rule the world.  I am known as the Great Geometer and Architect of the Universe yet I am the author of chaos.  I have no name but I take after my mother, a woman of 10,000 names who was never born.  I am the Angel of Light but also the Prince of Darkness.  I live in the shadows and remain silent but I speak to you every single day.  I am your friend and want nothing more for you than to share in my eternal torment.  Nobody can see me yet I am hidden in plain sight.  I am Columbia and sunrise in the east and Occidental and sunset in the west.  I tell the truth and it is still a lie.  I am 44.  And I am VERY pleased to make your acquaintance.

My name is 18.

Hope you guess my name.

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