POLITICS OF CANCER: Why are Only The Big 3 Options Allowed? Poisoning, Burning, Cutting! (Al Sanchez)

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POLITICS OF CANCER: Why are Only The Big 3 Options Allowed? Poisoning, Burning, Cutting!

The fix is in and the medical gravy train is rolling. It’s the ‘Big 3’ cancer treatment cartel of Chemo, Radiation and Surgery, otherwise known as Poisoning, Burning and Cutting!

Never mind choice. New research? Throw it to the wind. And natural treatments? Ha!

Don’t dare even whisper the ‘cure’ word because every ‘cash cancer cow’ ‘er uh, patient, is worth over $100,000 to the cabal.

Simply choose treatment door number one: chemo, door number two: radiation, or door number three: surgery.

And if you dare explore door number four? Expect to meet with the full force of the big pharma-big government alliance with roadblocks to reimbursement–or worse.

But things are beginning to change. With the huge popularity of social media and the explosion of free information being shared between people on our planet, the medical concrete encasing cancer treatment is beginning to crack. And a floodgate of natural alternative treatments is ready to flow.

AL SANCHEZ, JR., available for interviews, is a nationally acclaimed expert on natural treatments for cancer, is making the clarion call for researches to focus inward into the magnificent and miraculous micro power plant within each of our bodies, Human Mitochondria.

Mitochondria drives the production of ATP, our body’s functional energy source.

Sanchez contends that once researchers understand the use and improvement/ support/manipulation of mitochondrial cellular energy, which is synonymous with metabolic power, health and vitality, not only will great strides be made in fighting cancer, but in fighting a myriad of other health maladies.

Al Sanchez adds that properly functioning mitochondria is vital even for healthy people, especially the elderly. Said Sanchez, “The major power plant of the cell is the mitochondria, As we age, there is a decrease in metabolism; furthermore, numerous disease states involve metabolic dysfunction, such as  stroke, cardio vascular, degeneration, and cancer,” adding that healthy mitochondria is not only an essential foundation to help fight cancer and other diseases, but it is also vital to reduce the likelihood of those diseases ever taking hold.

During your interview with AL SANCHEZ, JR, he is able to discuss how we can improve, alter and influence metabolic regulation to improve health by maintaining healthy mitochondria to maintain healthy energy source for our cells. For those who already have cancer, he discusses his modality of choice, Poly-MVA, a natural  treatment that he has seen restore healthy mitochondria function to many suffering from cancer.

So, for anyone interested in exploring door number four, this is a fascinating topic sure to engage your audience.

Suggested Interview Questions:

  1. Help us understand how and where cellular energy is created and used within the body, and what role that plays in overall health, as well as prevention and support of specific diseases/conditions.
  2. What kinds of things can individuals do, from a holistic/complete approach, to affect their cellular energy and maximize its ability to support their bodies’ health?
  3. Your company partners with a research laboratory in NY to create and distribute nutritional supplements with Lipoic Acid Mineral Complexes like Poly-MVA. How did this product come about, how long has it been in use, and how did you become involved with it?
  4. What exactly is Poly-MVA, and what are the benefits it may provide? What makes it unique/special, versus simply taking the individual ingredients it contains?
  5. How does Poly-MVA work within the body, and how does this provide an energy source for our cells?
  6. Why do people and animals take Poly-MVA? Is it only good for specific challenges, or can it also be used a daily tonic for overall health?
  7. I have seen on several websites that Poly-MVA is often associated with an integrative approach to cancer and degenerative disease. What does it provide the body that makes it an effective part of a treatment regimen? Does it impact the effectiveness of any conventional treatments an individual might choose to undergo?
  8. Ok, so a lot of people will want to know….is it safe? Are there any contraindications with medications, other supplements or other things an individual may be taking into their body? Is there anything that further increases its effectiveness?
  9. What has been the response from the medical community, both in general and in approaches to specific diseases and health challenges?
  10. Ok, so summarize for us how cellular energy affects our health, what we can do to maximize it, and the role that Poly-MVA as part of an overall lifestyle can play.



Al Sanchez, Jr. has worn many hats over the years, including college instructor, researcher, and entrepreneur, and is the current president of AMARC Enterprise, worldwide distributors of Lipoic Acid Mineral Complexes, sold in supplement form as Poly-MVA.

After losing his mother, sister, and maternal grandmother to colon cancer, he committed to joining his family, friends and colleagues in the quest to find better options, access to information, treatments – and ultimately a cure for those stricken with cancer and other health challenges.

Al speaks at health conferences throughout the world, where he shares with audiences his scientific presentations on degenerative disease and his in-depth experiences and knowledge of health that have helped many people find answers, hope and a better quality of life.

He, like so many others, is dedicated to the belief that we can vastly improve the health of the world with educated choices, improved diet and lifestyle, combined with natural products that can change live – especially in cancer and other degenerative diseases – one person at a time.

Al is also an avid supporter of non-profits involved in seeking to educate the public on effective integrative approaches to cancer, including the Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Research, which has often supported research with Poly-MVA.

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