CALIFORNIA TAKES AIM AT RELIGIOUS COLLEGES! (Guest: Alan Reinach, for shows with at least some Calif. listeners)

NOTE: Interviews are to be on shows that have at least some listeners in California.

The California Senate recently passed SB 1146 which would require religious colleges and universities to comply with the full range of discrimination laws, effectively depriving them of the right to BE religious, that is, if they are going to continue accepting students who receive state support in the form of Cal Grants.

In other words, religious colleges are being given a choice between continuing to uphold their religious tradition, or accepting government funds. The big losers in this battle are students who will no longer be able to afford to attend the religious colleges of their choosing.

The bill now heads into the California Assembly.

Available for interviews on this topic is ALAN J. REINACH, Esq., the Executive Director of the Church State Council, the oldest public policy organization in the west devoted to issues of religious freedom.  Alan is in Pacific Time.

CONACT: To schedule an interview with Alan Reinach, ask for Rachel Wade or Samantha Mau of Special Guests, 630-848-0750.

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