Jesus Rode a Donkey: Why Millions of Christians are Democrats, by Linda Seger, interview guest

In her new book, Jesus Rode a Donkey:  Why Millions of Christians Are Democrats (4th Edition), Dr. Linda Seger begins with simple, but riveting questions: If Jesus were alive today, would he feed the poor, or give tax breaks to the super rich? Would he comfort the old and infirm—or cut Social Security? Would he embrace a national policy of making war, or making peace?

In this latest edition, readers are given a fresh perspective on the 2016 political arena. JRD offers voters a new viewpoint on politics and spirituality, articulating how Christian values are often used to inform political decisions. Seger maps out clear differences between the Democratic and Republican parties on key issues and between the candidates’ value systems.

Linda reveals there is, in fact, a close relationship between Democratic policy and Jesus’ teachings. The idea that America’s real Christians vote strictly Republican crumbles as readers peruse Linda’s careful study of both parties’ platforms.

Linda loves to engage both conservatives and liberals in the media about the hot button issues that are front and center in the 2016 election. She is seeking opportunities to do that and have a healthy, robust, and civil discussion about these issues.

Points she can address:

  • The latest statistics: The media reinforces the inaccurate information that all Christians are Evangelicals and all Evangelicals are Republican. Not true at all. Over 50% of most Christian groups vote Democrat. Only 19% of all voters are white Evangelicals and of that group, 26% vote Democrat. Over 90% of black Evangelicals vote Democrat. About 50% of Catholics vote Democrat – including 75% of Catholic Hispanics. In some Main-stream Christian churches, over 70% vote Democrat. Some of the leading Evangelical voices have come out against Trump – because of his non-Christian stances on the issues.
  • Confronting fear and terrorism: Trump has created a fire storm, stoking up our fear of other people and other cultures, threatening to use the nuclear option if he feels it’s necessary to get rid of the Bad People.  In JRD, Linda says, “In times of fear, reason and evaluation usually are not part of the process…we are in great danger of retaliating, of allowing our vengeful nature to take precedence, of telling ourselves we have to do something fast. We lose our ability to think clearly….” Christian values call for wisdom, patience, peace and self-control.
  • Abortion. One of the most divisive issues in our country is that of abortion rights – Democrats tend to be pro-choice although there is a group called Democrats for Life who have a better plan for reducing abortions than Republicans do. Republican Christians have taken the strongest stand against abortion. But there isn’t one verse in the Bible that even mentions abortion. Not one. The only verse that could possibly be used leans pro-abortion.
  • Muslims and religious freedom. Most recently, Muslim communities in the U.S. have faced bigotry and outright hostility. From religiously motivated discrimination and attacks on existing and proposed Islamic centers to vicious rhetoric from Donald Trump, Muslims in America are being unfairly targeted simply for exercising their basic constitutional right to religious liberty. Trump’s plans are both anti-constitutional and un-Christian.
  • Secrets and lies and the different types of lies. The nature of politics often seems to be about lies, deceptions, misrepresentations, and “spin” – all actions which are contradictory to Judeo-Christian commandments. Politicians do it to win elections. Unfortunately, truth is something not often valued in politics. Donald Trump has claimed unauthorized workers receive Social Security when in fact, they don’t. He claims that Mexicans are flooding into the U.S. (Yet as many are leaving as entering).  He has said Mexico will pay for his 12 + billion dollar wall – which they won’t do. All of these are reminders of how lies can push our elections and obscure the truth.

Biography for Dr. Linda Seger

SegerLindaPhotoLinda is an award-winning author of 15 books, an international speaker, and one of the foremost script consultants in the world. She has 3 M.A. Degrees (two in Theology and one in Drama) and a Th.D. In Theology. She comes from a long line of Lutherans who were theologians, ministers, and missionaries, and has been a Quaker since 1970. She has appeared on over 50 radio and television shows, including NPR (“All Things Considered”), Bill O’Reilly’s Show, CNN, Good Morning New York, Good Morning L.A., Christian Science Monitor Radio, and many others.
Jesus Rode a Donkey received a silver medal Illumination Book Award, given for Exemplary Christian Writing. Linda is a Christian and a Democrat and lives in Cascade, Colorado.





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