Holiday Season Question: Are we safer from Terrorism than in 2001? Interview opp’ w. 9/11 First Responder Mike Vilardi (Eastern Time)

Law enforcement is on enhanced alert going into holiday and New Year’s season. Our terrorism expert guest is Michael Vilardi, one of the heroic first responders to the 9/11 attacks 15 years ago.



  • Michael, 15 years ago you had the grizzly task of piecing together human body parts at the scene of the World Trade Center and saw up front and personal the devastation of Islamic terrorism. Many safeguards have been put into effect since them. Question: Are we safer from terrorist attacks today?
  • What is the likelihood of terror attacks this holiday season on U.S. soil and if so what kind of attacks?
  • Why is Islamic terrorism so prevalent?

4) What do Islamic terrorists hope to achieve by committing acts of violence?

5) You have written about what you call the Islamic plan for world domination. Tell us about that.

6) How does your book “The Time of His Coming” explain what you believe will happen and why?

7) What can America do to stop terrorism?

8) How may our viewers get a copy of your book “The Time of His Coming”?


Mike Vilardi Biography:

  • Mike Vilardi is a Retired Federal Agent, having worked for the Criminal Division of the IRS for 22 years before retiring in 2010.
  • While on the job, Mike was a 9/11/ Responder, member of the joint terrorism task force, worked on the Eldorado Drug task force, Did numerous UN dignitary protection assignments with the US Secret Service, worked joint investigations with the Secret Service AND OTHER AGENCIES, Developed Organized crime cases for CI, and has the distinction of never losing a case that was prosecuted.
  • In 2007 Mike got his own cable television show. The Mike Vilardi Show.
  • From 2008-2012 Mike did 12 Television shows with two former Islamic Terrorists- Kamal Saleem and Zach Anani.
  • Those terrorists explained Islam from a terrorist point of view.
  • Kamal explained the Islamic strategy for Islamic world domination.
  •   Mike’s new book- The Time of His Coming, explains how Islam will spread throughout the world and overtake it.
  • Mike’s book is available at and Amazon and


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