Another View on Immigration: A Christian View

Interview Guest: Dr. Jeremy Reynalds

Another View on Immigration: A Christian View

We live in a United States that seems to be deeply divided about immigration. Even Christians seem divided over the subject of immigration.

But there is a story of hope, goodness and Godliness. A story that gets a Christian’s compass pointed back towards God.  Dr Jeremy Reynalds was born in England and immigrated to the United States in 1978.  He goes from homelessness to providing refuge for others by founding and running Joy Junction 1986.  When a woman with the same vision comes across his path, they endure government red tape and endless documents, but the intersection of two hearts results in a multiplication of blessings and supply for the homeless of New Mexico.

Jeremy Reynalds and his wife Elma came from different worlds.  Reynalds who founded and runs New Mexico’s largest emergency homeless shelter says, “God knew I needed a partner.”  This is the inspirational story of two hearts joined and two lives lived for others.  This is a story of immigration and immigrants everywhere you turn, and though it all, God is showing his love and goodness.  Every Christian should hear this story, really hear it.  It is a beacon of light when so much seems dark.

Dr. Jeremy Reynalds writes for the ASSIST News Service and has authored several books. Reynalds holds a master’s degree in communication and a Ph.D. in intercultural education.

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