PIMP SENTENCED TO 472 YEARS PRISON FOR SEX TRAFFICKING (Guests Joy Currey, Jenn Gotzon, and Christy McGlothlin in Eastern Time)

A pimp has been sentenced to a record 472 years in prison for sex trafficking minors.  Joy Currey is founder and president of Corral Riding Academy, an equine-assisted psychotherapy center for at-risk teenage women who have experienced extreme life challenges including those who have been victims of sexual crimes.

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  1. Do you think 472 years is a bit harsh for this sentence

Answer: Having sex with underage minors first and then pimping them out into prostitution is harsh. 450 years is a great sentence for one offense. This perp has many offenses. (in your own words; this is just an idea

2. Is human trafficking something limited to the cities or does it exist in the suburbs?

Answer: The suburbs are the fastest growing recruiting area for trafficking. Malls are favorite stomping grounds for people who are evil enough to drug girls who wake up in the Middle East, never to be heard from again.

3. What personal experience have you had with victims of trafficking?

Answer: use pseudonym names but give some examples

4. What hope and help is available for such victims?

Answer: There is healing and redemption. First, a young woman needs to know she is of immeasurable worth and that there are people who love her and want to help her and we have found the equine assisted psychotherapy is the best arena for healing.

5. Tell us about that.

Answer: At Corral Riding Academy we provide a safe environment for our young women who have been traumatized and in post-traumatic shock

6. Tell us about Unbridled, the soon-to-be-released movie about human trafficking and horses who help heal victims

Answer includes website: UnbridledMovie.com



Joy Currey is Founder and President of Corral Riding Academy. She grew up on a farm around horses and learned to ride at the age of six. Her love for horses led to her participation in 4H throughout her teenage years and a place on the UNC- Chapel Hill Equestrian team.

Joy earned a B.A. in Business Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill and a Master’s degree from Columbia University in School Leadership. After college Joy taught for two years in inner-city Philadelphia through Teach for America and for two years as a founding teacher of a highly successful college preparatory school for disadvantaged youth in Brooklyn. During her time teaching, Joy developed curricula which succeeded in bringing underperforming, middle-school children up two to three grade levels in one year.

Most recently, Joy was the director of a large riding school in Raleigh, NC. In this capacity, Joy was responsible for managing a small business grossing revenues over $1M annually and overseeing a herd of 50 horses and 200 students.

In 2008, Joy founded The CORRAL Riding Academy from a desire to better the lives of young girls faced with adversity.



ACTRESS JENN GOTZON who plays Joy Currey in the movie Unbridled



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