WHY TRUMP-PENCE MAKES SENSE: An in depth look at our possible next Vice President (Interview guest: Josh Bernstein)

Political pundit and spokesman for AMAC (Association for Mature American Citizens) JOSH BERNSTEIN is available for Talk Show interviews on the topic of Why Trump-Pence Makes Sense.

Statement by Josh Bernstein:

Mike Pence is a Christian first, a Conservative second, and a Republican third. This is the description Indiana Governor Mike Pence bestows upon himself when describing who he is. This is also the man who Donald Trump picked to be his running mate.

Most people’s first reaction to this pick was who is Mike Pence? We have heard of Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, and even Jeff Sessions but most Americans who do not pay attention to politics never heard of him. But Mike Pence is someone very well-known inside and outside of Washington.

In this short video I go through who this man is, why he was the eventual choice, and his complete record both the good, the bad, and the indifferent and why in the end I feel that Mike Pence makes sense.


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