Gun Owners Oppose H.R. 5611, gun control “lite” (Guest: Erich Pratt or Larry Pratt or John Velleco)

Larry Pratt, Erich Pratt and John Veleco are available for Talk Show interviews on this topic:

Erich Pratt, Executive Director of GOA, says H.R. 5611, a.k.a. ‘Gun Control Lite,” would give the Attorney General the power to impose a gun ban on individuals who are on government watch lists, but have not committed crimes.

“If the people on the terror watch list are too dangerous to buy a gun, then why is the administration not prosecuting and incarcerating them?” Pratt said. “The administration’s failure to prosecute these people is a tacit admission that many of them do NOT belong on a watch list.”

GOA sent a letter to Congressional offices, urging them to oppose this bill, as GOA will be rating support for H.R. 5611 as anti-gun.

And according to reports, several Congressmen are opposing H.R. 5611. Representatives such as Thomas Massie, Justin Amash, Dave Brat, Tim Huelskamp and Raul Labrador have publicly opposed this bill.

GOA is also calling upon their grassroots members and activists to urge their Representatives to oppose H.R. 5611.

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