Monthly Archive:: April 2017

Trump tells Gun Owners the 8-year assault on gun ownership rights has come to a “crashing end” (Guests: Erich Pratt or Larry Pratt)

Erich Pratt and Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America are available for interviews on this topic: Atlanta (CNN) On the eve of his

Kim Jong Un suffers from “PREMATURE ANNIHILATION”  and “PROJECTILE DYSFUNCTION” (Guest: Josh Bernstein)

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently tried to launch a sixth missile but it embarrassingly exploded at takeoff. The propagandists of the Kim

Why are People Always Picking on Trump? (Guest: Josh Bernstein)

No President in history has met this much opposition. President Trump is fighting Democrats, Republicans, Liberal Organizations, Paid Protesters, Globalists, Intelligence leakers, and former

Ed Martin, former Chairman of Missouri Republican Convention, biography (Guest: Ed Martin)

CONTACT: To schedule an interview with Ed Martin, contact: Jerry McGlothlin of Special Guests at: 919-437-0001 or ED MARTIN BIOGRAPHY Ed Martin was